Criminal Court Case

Strict Professional Standards and a Lawyers Obligation

Have you thought about the standards in which Simcoe County lawyers must have? Unfortunately, there are many who really don’t know too much about professional standards when dealing with the law and yet, they can be a vital part of the process. Understanding some of the obligations and professional standards might just enable you to ensure the right professional is found. Read on to find out more.

A Lawyer Must Uphold the Law

Lawyers cannot actually lie to protect their clients or get into trouble with the law themselves. This is a strict professional standard and rule that must be upheld. A lot of people think lawyers get to lie when they are in court so that they can get their clients off from the charge they face but in reality they can’t! Some lawyers might lie but, in truth, if they are caught they could face charges of improper conduct themselves. Criminal lawyers Simcoe County, Ontario absolutely has to abide by the rules and standards set out by the Government and State. If a lawyer is found to lie knowingly or create a false alibi for a client, they will face charges.

Be Able To Offer Legal Assistance

Let’s say you choose a criminal attorney to help fight a murder charge, the lawyer must be proficient in this area. For instance, someone classed as a criminal attorney must have studied this part of the law or made this their major. Just because someone takes a legal route and become a lawyer they cannot represent a client when they don’t know the legal area well. You might find it’s the same when a criminal lawyer is asked to help deal with a civil matter or a real estate concern. They don’t know this area proficiently enough so they aren’t going to perform their duties well. An obligation for Simcoe County lawyers is that they are proficient in the area of the law they practice in.

Loyalty and no Conflict of Interest

Criminal Court Case

Lawyers absolutely have to remain loyal to your particular case so that they can perform their duties to the law but, if they can’t, it might result in a client not getting fair representation in court. For instance, two best friends are charged with murder, the lawyer represents client A who says client B is really to blame, it would be a conflict of interest for the lawyer to then represent client b at the same time. Criminal lawyers Simcoe County, Ontario absolutely must have a clean pair of hands in a sense so that they can concentrate on one client at the time. If that doesn’t happen, the client might not get the fair representation they deserve. get the latest news at

Standards Must Be Followed

There is a real misconception that lawyers are above the law or that they are free to lie in order to help their clients. In all honesty that isn’t the case—every lawyer is supposed to follow the law and ensure clients have fair and just representation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a criminal lawyer or a civil attorney, the lawyer must have clean hands in and out of the court. Simcoe County lawyers have to follow the same strict professional standards.

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